Haus Wolf - Andermatt

Apartment House Wolf is located across from the Gotthard Residences and the new Radisson Blu Hotel. It is built upon a subterranean infrastructure base which houses the underground car park and the utility systems. The neighbouring buildings are grouped closely together, as in a typical mountain village, defining streets with multifaceted spacious qualities. The location directly on the village square gives the apartments a lot of space and light and allows views of the surrounding natural countryside.

The footprint of Apartment House Wolf, with ground floor, five upper floors and a loft level, is derived from the specific site on the large square and the orientation of the apartments. The moderate roof overhang traces the perimeter and reinforces the sculptural effect of the building.

Part of the ground floor of the building is designed for commercial use and features large storefront windows. The typical upper floors each include a one-bedroom, a two-bedroom and two three-bedroom apartments, all offering a high level of comfort and convenience. The spacious foyers lead into the open living and dining room, with windows on at least two sides, bringing plenty of light and sun into the rooms and offering views of the alpine landscape.

Each apartment has its own outdoor space, either a loggia to the northwest or a balcony to the south. Homey maisonettes on the top floor and loft level augment the range of apartments. Each maisonette has an internal stair up to the gallery, offering a two-storey spatial experience. The gallery bedrooms are located directly beneath the roof, with dormer windows for natural light.

Surrounding area

Surrounding Area Haus Wolf - Andermatt

Andermatt's central location means it has excellent connections to the major national and international transport routes. The airports of Zurich, Basel and Milan provide easy access to scheduled flight services and there is also an airfield for private aircraft in Buochs, only 45 minutes from Andermatt.

By road the village can be reached from Stuttgart or Munich in four hours, from Milan in two hours and from Zurich in just 90 minutes.