The most liberating experience in the Alps

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Known as the Sunny Plateau of Kanton Valais (it counts an average of 300 sunny days a year), the car-free Aletsch Arena is the perfect holiday destination to enjoy the outdoors and its clean, revitalizing alpine air from early till late. Pristine hiking routes, well-prepared ski slopes. A breathtaking panoramic view over the Aletsch glacier and the most iconic 4000 meter mountain peaks of the alps. Unforgettable experiences in the imposing scenery of this alpine wonderworld will make you fall in love.



The Riederalp is a car-free holiday destination in Oberwallis. It is the perfect summer and winter holiday destination for the young, the old and everything in between. The building density of the village of Riederalp is very low; from Riederalp-West to Schweibe, the Riederalp offers 4000 beds on no less than 62 hectares of land. It gives a free and spacious feeling to the area.

One of the best views of the Aletsch Glacier can be seen from viewpoint Moosfluh, which finds itself on the mountain ridge between the Riederhorn and the Bettmerhorn. This viewpoint can be reached by the Moosfluh Gondola-/Chairlift or by several different paths on foot. In a variety of ways the Riederalp offers access to the mystical world of the Jungfrau-Aletsch region, which is the first UNESCO world heritage site of the Alps. This landscape of extraordinary beauty owns the largest glacier of the Alps – with the Aletsch Glacier as its crown jewel.

In summer, the biggest tourist attraction of the Riederalp is the highest 9-hole Golf Course of Switzerland. Offering an unforgettable golf-experience at the backdrop of the Valais mountain scenery.

At 1925 MASL, the winters are snow safe and the summers provide a pleasant temperature in the sun. Let the children roam free while exploring the widespread, pristine nature of the Aletsch Arena.

Several new developments (hotels and other facilities) are planned on the Riederalp, which make the investment possibilities worth to consider! All Leisure Properties on the Riederalp have ski-in access. Most properties have both ski-in & ski-out access.


The Bettmeralp is the middle – and biggest, of the three Aletsch Arena villages. It is characterized by its vibrant town center with authentic, Swiss buildings. The population density on the Bettmeralp is the highest on the Aletsch Arena, which makes spending your holidays in the village feel cozy.

A must-visit in summer is the Bettmersee. This idyllic mountain lake makes for a romantic stroll in the evening or a nice picnic in the afternoon. From 10.00 am to 18.00 pm one can explore the lake by rowing boat or peddle boat. The paths around the lake are pram-friendly. In winter the lake is a big part of the scenery of the Cross-Country track.

Behind the Bettmersee stands the majestic mountain summit of the Bettmerhorn. Due to it’s breathtaking panoramic mountain view at the top, the Bettmerhorn attracts a lot of hikers, mountainbikers, skiers and snowboarders.

All Leisure Properties on the Riederalp have ski-in access. Most properties have both ski-in & ski-out access.

Fiescheralp - Fiesch

The smallest, yet highest (in altitude) village of the Aletsch Arena is the Fiescheralp; which was formerly known as Kühboden. The rugged nature of the Fiescheralp makes it seem like a remote alpine village, but with the (soon-to-be) public transport hub in Fiesch, the Fiescheralp will be seamlessly connected to a wide array of holiday resorts in Valais, from Andermatt to Zermatt. The new cableway transports 1800 people per hour.

The highest peak of the Aletsch Arena is the Eggishorn. The Fiescheralp – Eggishorn Gondola will carry you to a height of 2927 meters above sealevel, where one can enjoy Valais specialities high above the Aletsch glacier in a cozy hut atmosphere.

At the foot of the Fiescheralp, you find the holiday village of Fiesch. It is the gateway to several worth-seeing area's in Oberwallis. Located northwest of Fiesch is the sunny plateau of the Aletsch Arena. The perfect place for the wintersport fanatic among us. Going northeast of Fiesch, you find skiresort Bellwald - on a mountainridge which divides the Fiescher valley (Fieschertal) and the valley of Obergoms. Towards the southwest, the Rhônevalley leads to Unterwallis; the lower part of Kanton Wallis. From Fiesch, Unterwalliser villages and cities like Zermatt, Saas-Fee, Verbier and Geneve are easily reachable. Owning a home in Fiesch, will give endless opportunities to find the explorer within.