Enjoy a family holiday at the top of Goms

All our Leisure Properties in the area are second homes. For specialist knowledge on finance-related topics - such as financing rules, tax implications and regulations, Leisure Properties can arrange a personal consultation with local and international banks.

The holiday destination of Bellwald offers limitless pleasure in both summer and winter. The village of Bellwald lies at the foot of the ski resort. All properties on the Bellwald are easily reachable by car on well-kept roads. The curvy mountain road which leads to the village, passes through the authentic Swiss villages of Eggen and Bodmen, which make it seem like travelling back in time. Entering the village of Bellwald, you are launched back into a modern-day mountain resort. Another way to travel from the valley to the village of Bellwald is by cableway, which has its base-station at Fürgangen-Bellwald. This makes the village accessible in a variety of ways. The township of Bellwald has more than 1200 properties, 4300 beds (as of 2002) and counts 395 locals over 13,7 square kilometer of ground. Bellwald is the highest municipality of district Goms.

In summer, Bellwald attracts many hikers and other summer adventurers. Two chair lifts towards Richenen and Steibechriz open up an extensive hiking area with idyllic mountain lakes and a panoramic view of the Walliser mountain landscape, all the way up to the Matterhorn. The highest viewpoint of Bellwald is the Risihorn (2875 meters above sea level). At 2040 meters starts a mountain bike trail with an exhilarating height drop of 400 meters towards the base station of the Richinen chairlift. Besides that, numerous other marked trails offer enough adventure for the mountainbiker.

Bellwald also lies on the beloved Gommer Höhenweg, which goes from Fiesch to Bellwald and then to the village of Münster in Obergoms. The village has several sports and leisure facilities, such as a football field, tennis courts, appointed barbecue areas, childrens playgrounds and a fun park for bikers and skaters.

In winter, the slopes of Bellwald extend on the sunny side of the Risihorn from 1600 meters above sealevel to 2550 meters above sealevel. The ski area contains blue, red and black slopes, all scattered on mountainsides and through forrests. The ski area has a four-seater chairlift and a two-seater chairlift, from 1600 m.a.s.l. to 2550 m.a.s.l. For the skilled thrillseeker, the ski-area of Bellwald also offers a snowpark which lies on a slope of 56,000 m2, which hosts different activities every year. From a Big Airbag for the beginning freestyler, to kickers ranging from 4 meters to 12 meters. When the slopes close, there are several bars, lounges and restaurant for après-ski and relax.

The beautiful region of Bellwald has been awarded as ‘families welcome’, due to its wide range of activities for all ages.